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Support of scientific applications


[edit] EUAsiaGrid Application Repository

[EUAsiaGrid Application Repository]http://applications.euasiagrid.org/app_list.php?l=20

[edit] Objectives

The main objective of the WP3 is to attract user communities through explicit support of applications in specific areas. The work will start with a set of applications in carefully selected areas where the applications running on the gLite-based (EGEE) Grid are already available and where is also proven interest and adequate scientific expertise available among project partners. In parallel, active search for new user communities that can benefit from the access to a Grid infrastructure will be performed. WP3 will help to establish appropriate Virtual Organisations (at the organisational level), will help them to negotiate necessary resources within the EGEE infrastructure and/or national Grid infrastructures and will provide wide support to the use of actual applications. The WP3 partners will also support adaptation of application specific to the target Asian region to run on top of the gLite middleware. The main tasks are:

  • To give support to EGEE applications, selected on the basis of already existing collaborations between EU and Asian partners, to be the pilots to run on the Asian e-Infrastructure.
  • To identify new user communities which could profit of the use of the Asian e-Infrastructure.

[edit] Applications

  • High Energy Physics Applications (ATLAS, CMS)
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Mitigation of natural disasters
  • Bioinformatics and Biomedics
  • Social Science Applications
  • Promoting new scientific communities to the use of the Grid

[edit] Description of work

WP3.1 EGEE applications support (M1-M24):
It will give support to deploy on the Asian e-Infrastructure the EGEE applications relevant for the scientific collaboration between EU and Asian partners and to establish and support the user communities (through appropriate Virtual Organisations). The task will be further split into five subtasks, that represent the identified application areas. The whole task will be coordinated by the WP3 leader CESNET while the leadership of individual subtasks will belong to the following organisations:
Computational Chemistry -CESNET
Mitigation of natural disasters -ASGC
Social Science Applications -NCeSS
Biomed/BioInformatics -HealthGrid

WP3.2 Collection of specification and requirements of the regional applications (M1-M8):
It will work with all the WP3 partners as well as other institutions in the target Asian region to identify potentially interesting scientific communities and their applications to benefit from access to the Grid infrastructure. This work will be coordinated by ASGC, as the local knowledge is essential. This application-oriented requirements gathering effort will be complemented by the elicitation of more general requirements inWP2.

WP3.3 Promoting new applications (M8-M24):
Using the results of task WP3.2, the Asian scientific communities which will best benefit from the Asian e-Infrastructure will be selected. It will provide specific support helping the selected user communities to integrate their applications with the gLite middleware and run it on the EGEE Grid. While for the overall coordination of this task is responsibility of the workpackage leader CESNET each new application area will become a subtask (like in WP3.1) and will have assigned a subtask/area leader from among the consortium partners. We expect Asian partners to take the leadership role in these subtasks.

In general, all partners are participating in the WP3 and most of the man power is contributed by the Asian partners. The European partners will play primary the coordination and initial support role, with Asian partners gradually taking more and more responsibility for the actual work foreseen within this workpackage. This way the EUAsiaGrid will support establishment of permanent user communities that will be able to continue their work after the end of the EUAsiaGrid project.

[edit] Deliverables

D3.1 Specifications and requirements of the applications (M12);
The deliverable will provide results of the search for new applications in the target Asian region in terms of concrete high-level specifications and requirements of these applications (this information will be used in the next phase to support adaptation of these applications to the gLite middleware/EGEE environment).

D3.2 Status of EU-Asia collaboration on EGEE and regional applications (M22);
The deliverable will contain a description of results achieved and problems encountered from the use of applications already ported to gLite-based Grid as part of the EGEE effort and applications adapted as part of the WP3 effort.

D3.3 Final report on applications (M24);
Final state of the adaptation and availability of applications in the target Asian region.nda

[edit] WorkSpace

WP3 WorkSpace

WP3 Planned Effort

WP3 Requirements

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