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Requirement capture and coordination policy definition


[edit] Objectives

  • To collect from the scientific communities of the Asian countries their computing and storage requirements, in order to understand which scientific domains and applications could profit more from the use of the EGEE Grid middleware;
  • To develop a model for the promotion of sustainable National Grid initiatives in the participating countries;
  • To define a roadmap towards a common e-Science Asian Grid infrastructure, in strict coordination with the other European initiatives in Asia, namely EGEE-III via its Asia Federation, and both EUChinaGRID and EU-IndiaGRID projects.

[edit] Description of work

WP 2.1 Survey of requirements:
Requirements for these new scientific collaborations will be captured through an ongoing process of interaction involving requirements workshops, surveys and interviews (all using online collaboration tools where appropriate). This task will be led by NCeSS, building on existing experience with similar activities such as the AVROSS study; other (regional) partners will facilitate the dissemination of the survey and recruitment of informants. (M1-M4)

WP 2.2 Forum development:
An online forum will be created and a community process initiated to support the further activities in the area of requirements elicitation and the shaping of common practices of use of the EGEE infrastructure, to assist Asian partners in the formation of sustainable NGIs in their countries and to feed their experience back into the EUAsiaGrid process. This will be aligned with relevant existing structures such as the EGEE User Forum and the Open Grid Forum. NCeSS will lead this workpackage, building on similar community engagement activities that have already been initiated. Again, partners will contribute through liaison with their respective communities.

WP 2.3 Technical roadmap planning workshops:
Workshops at the ISGC conference as well as international events such as OGF meetings will be organised to initiate and steer the roadmap planning effort. ASGC will lead on this task as it requires local presence for effective event planning.

WP 2.4 Development of a technical roadmap:
Through consultation with core EGEE activities, the Asia Federation and regional partners, we will develop a detailed roadmap towards a common e Science Asian Grid infrastructure. The process will involve an iterative development cycle in multiple stages and a constant review and revision of the roadmap facilitated by WP 2.3 and input from other activities, especially workpackages 4 and 5. This task will be led by CESNET, drawing on their involvement in the EGI Design Study; other partners will contribute through liaison with their respective communities.

WP 2.5 Review of wider context:
In order to keep pace with the rapid development of the field of e Science worldwide, we will review the wider context that our activities are embedded in on a regular basis. ASGC will lead on this task but it is expected that all partners will feed into this activity by constantly scanning the horizon and keeping other partners informed about developments.

[edit] Deliverables

D2.1 Scientific communities requirements capture and analysis (M10)

D2.2 Policy report / technical roadmap (version for discussion M18, final version M24)

[edit] Workspace

This section is for members of the WP2 team. It is not propagated to the website, so feel free to add content in this section.

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